We have high precision NC machine and CNC,execute perfecttechnique and follow strict complete quality control system.With advanced production technology, we manufacture perfectqualified products.


JP8000 System

To satisfy the needs of high-performancecoating we imported JP8000,which isoneof the most sophisticated equipments,from USA Praxair. With over 60 years ofcoating experience,Praxair applieshardware,'materials and technicalexpertise to HVOF products thatproduce the industry's mostadvanced coating solutions

Advantages of coating

Unparalleled ultimate hardness anddensity.

Control over coating density andhardness

Low residual stress and thicknesscapability up to 12.7mm

High interface bond strength up to90Mpa (Test tape invalid beforecoating)

Smooth as-sprayed finish


AK-08 System

To perfect supersonic spray technology.our company imported AK-08equipment from USA Kermetico. It isthe best one in air gun equipments,which eliminates the defects of JP8000.Have JPB000 and AKO8,which is ouranother advantage.

Advantages of coating

lmprove toughness

lmprove corrosion resistance

lmprove tensile strength- lmprove stability

lmprove fatigue resistance.

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